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We are all about web sites

Here at OneUp Web design, we strive to meet the exact needs of our clients. One of the main roles of a web developer is to advise a client on the best way forward with regard to their web presence. Working with web technology on a daily basis, you acquire an understanding of how the web works. How in fact google controls what we see for example when we enter a search term. Why one website will get to page one, when another site with similar content will not be found.

These days many separate disciplines are required to best develop a website so that it can achieve and maximise its potential. Among many coding languages and development software, there are core principals which should be adhered to. These include, but are not limited to.

Beautiful Design

Front of site and behind the scenes your website should look stunning!
Is your code clean?

Responsive Design

Many sites now should be built with a responsive layout for maximun visibility across all media types.

Social media marketing

Building up your brand, or adding content to best describe your services, is an integeral part of modern day marketing.

Search engine optimisation

W3C standard design practices, and methodology. Clean code optimised images and text content, structured build.

Beautiful websites

A website needs to immediately grab your attention. The user needs to find exactly what they are looking for within the first few seconds.

Sensible clean design, easy to use navigation, consistancy across pages and across browsing applications.

Responsive layout

With so many devices used to access the web, form mobile phones to tablets, laptops and PC's and many smart TV's now have a browser. Older style sites struggle to be read on smaller devices, often bursting out the view port or conversely too small and fiddly to be used. Responsive design adapts to whatever device you are using, and resizes to accommodate the particular viewport. Shrink your browser window or check this page on a different device to see the magic in action

Social media marketing

Get your website noticed. Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, are all great resourses for getting the word out about your product or service. The problem is other than liking your friends posts on facebook many of us just don't have the time to dedicate to a marketing campaign.

Contract us to manage your marketing as part of a dedicated SEO strategy

Search engine optimisation

So what is Search engine optimisation?

Many many things that all coming together, the underlined text above is a subtle example of inpage optimisation at work. Google recognises that I have given that particular phrase a little more inportance than the surrounding text, and consequently google will assign more weight to it. When combined with other factors and a good structured build a page, or site generally does better for it's given content.

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